”Bhāgavatam says that Women are Māyā!”

”Bhāgavatam says that Women are Māyā!”

Śrī Bhāgavata 3.31.33 ~ 42:

“How can we recognize the ‘bad road’?” Devahūti would surely wonder.

Kapila explained, “The ‘bad road’ consists of things that destroy truthfulness, purity, compassion, quietude, thoughtfulness, beauty, modesty, renown, tolerant forgiveness, patient neutrality, self-control, and dignity.”

“What things destroy these good qualities?” Devahūti would ask.

Kapila explained, “To avoid the bad road, avoid becoming close with two types of people: (1) vile, aggressive idiots who are divorced from their own true selves, and (2) pitiful slobs who are the puppet-dogs of women.”

“What is wrong with men who are ‘puppets of women’?” Devahūti would ask.

“They are sure to become vile, aggressive idiots, divorced from their own true selves,” Kapila explained, “because, for a man, there is no stronger bondage to bewilderment than that which arises from the desire to enjoy a woman. That is why we must not become close with men who are engrossed in trying to enjoy women.”

“Are men really so weak?” Devahūti would wonder, “Are they so susceptible to the beauty of women?”

“Yes,” Kapila answered. “Even the Forefather Brahmā, the noblest man, saw the beauty of his own daughter and began to push himself upon her. Even when she took the form of a deer and fled, he shamelessly took the form of a stag and ran after her! Among all the descendants of descendants of descendants of Brahmā, no man except Nārāyaṇa Ṛṣi can avoid having his intellect completely diverted by the magic of a woman’s allure.”

“How is a woman’s beauty so powerful?” she would ask.

“You can see the strength of my own allure,” Kapila explained, “in the allure of women. She is so powerful that men who have conquered the world will crawl at her feet if she merely moves her eyebrows!

“This is why I say, and sages say, that a man who has not yet attained the topmost spiritual unity and who desires to gain his true self as my intimate servitor should under no circumstances drink the intoxicant of a woman. That is why they describe her as the ‘gate to hell’ for such men.”

“Do spiritually progressive men really need to be so serious, so strict about this?” Devahūti would ask.

“Yes.” Kapila explained. “Laxity will not avert the calamity, it will only allow it to approach calmly and quietly. Destiny has established the world in this way. A wise man would regard his attraction to a woman as the death of his true self. He should see her like a pit covered with grass.”

“What if the spiritualist is a woman,” Devahūti would wonder. “Is she free from this huge obstacle?”

“Not at all!” Kapila explained. “The person she thinks of as her ‘husband’ is nothing but my bewildering magic coming to her in a male form. Because she is a woman, her nature is to develop prosperity, and she thinks this man will bestow her the necessary ingredients: finance, children, and a home. But a wise woman would regard her husband, children, and home as fate’s trap meant to keep her ensnared in mortality. She should she a man and all he offers in the way a deer should hear the calming song of a hunter.”

[THE SOLUTION is in the next post]

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