Monism is Absurd


Monism is Absurd

Monism is completely absurd.

It claims that pure knowledge itself (Brahman) is subject to ignorance and illusion. It claims that such illusion divides the indivisible — producing individual souls (jīva). And although it here claims illusion to be the parent of the individual soul, it next claims that illusion is the child of the individual soul, existing only within the soul’s mind.

As for God (īśvara, the Supreme Master)… They claim that illusion creates God, because it needs a master. Yet they also claim that God is Brahman without ignorance or illusion. How can something without illusion be the product of illusion? How can a product of illusion be the master of it?

Monism’s illogic is so extreme, it borders on weird glamor. Nonetheless we should carefully study how illogical and absurd it really is.

– Translated from Anuccheda 40 of Śrī Tattva Sandarbha by Śrī Jīva Gosvāmī Prabhupāda

Weird Glam, Bowie

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