How to See Spirit


How to See Spirit

The sun had just then risen, it’s light danced upon the waters of Bindu-lake, and the reflections danced upon the wall of the cottage where Kapila and his mother sat, rapt in conversation.

Pointing to this, Kapila said, “The sun in the sky reflects off water, and the reflection illuminates a wall. Similarly the light of consciousness reflects off the mind and illuminates the inert body with sentience.

“When I saw this beautiful light on the wall,” Kapila said, “I wondered, ‘Where does it come from?’ Looking more carefully, I saw that it was a reflection of the lake. Then I wondered, “Why is the lake so bright?” Looking up, I then saw the rising sun. This is exactly how we can begin to see reality. We see the beautiful signs of life illuminating a body, and should wonder, ‘Where does this light come from?’ Examining it carefully, we can see that this light reflects from the sentience within us. Then we can also ask, ‘Where does that light come from?’ Until we arrive finally at the self-luminous source of all sentience.”

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