How to Get “Realization”

How to Get “Realization”

The Upaniṣads explain how to get realization. “A thing will be realized (draṣṭavya) when we have been educated about it (śrotavya), examined it carefully (mantavya) and made the efforts to purify ourselves so that we can realize it (nididhyāsitavya).”

From śabda-pramāṇa we get education (śrotavya). So, śabda (śāstra) is the foundation of all realization.

Once we hear an idea from śāstra, we must cross-examine it (mantavya), cross-referencing what we have heard with what we can observe and logically understand with our senses and mind (cross-referencing the śabda-pramāṇa with pratyakṣa- and anumāna-pramāṇa). This cross-referencing will impel us to fine-tune our observation and inference until it comes into sync with what we heard from śāstra (i.e. we will reconsider our observations — pratakṣa — and logics — anumāna — until they resolve any contradiction or controversy in our understanding of what we have heard from śāstra — śabda).

Once we very clearly understand what we have heard from śastra, we apply that knowledge to our practical life. By this practice (nididhyāsitavya) the education we received as mere words heard from śāstra become a living reality that we can tangibly see and feel (draṣṭavya).

This is the path of “realization.”

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