Who is Śrīmatī Rādhārāṇī? Part I

Who is Śrīmatī Rādhārāṇī? Part I

Everything has a cause.

Ultimately everything traces back to a “singularity” — a single original cause of all causes.

Vedānta: Eko bahu syātOne shall be many

So, an essential property of the One Ultimate Cause is expansiveness.

What is the motive for expansion?

Vedānta: ānanda-mayābhāsātIt is bliss

Taittiriya Upaniṣad: raso via saḥHe is ecstasy

Ecstasy / bliss motivates the one to become many. For, by becoming many, joy increases.

What is bliss?

The original, most potent form of bliss is love.

Love is something exchanged between a lover and a beloved. Therefore the Original Entity exists as a distinct person (the beloved) and expands into infinite distinct persons (the lovers).


Who is the Original Beloved?

Śāstra gives many important names for the Original Beloved. For example:

Hari – The one who carries off (steals) all others’ (hearts)
Rāma – The beloved
Krishna – The attractive one

Who are the Lovers of the Original Beloved?

Everyone and everything, including you and me.

But the Original Lover of the Original Beloved is particularly important, for it is from the Original Lover that all the infinite lovers come into existence.

Śāstra names the Original Lover, Rādhā (literally, “Lover”).

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