FInding Fault with Finding Fault

FInding Fault with Finding Fault

There is one particularly complicated and sophisticated section from Aindra Prabhu’s book:

Shall not we stoop so low as to criticize the criticizers who opportunistically magnify the foibles of others? Shall we at all dare to see any fault in faulting the faultfinding of the faultfinders?

I think what he is saying is that it is not an offense to be opposed to offenses. We should criticize those who constantly criticize the minute details of other people. But I think the wording is intentionally ambiguous because in fact we have to be very careful in being critical of the critical, otherwise we just join the mess.

The fine line, in my opinion, is that we have to be critical only when necessary to root out criticism.

The first sentence (“Shall not we stoop so low…”) says “We should criticize the hyper-critical.” But it says it ambiguously, so we’re not sure if its saying “Maybe we shouldn’t bother being critical of the critical.” And the second sentence (“Shall we at all dare…”) drives it home, saying “Don’t get stuck in the loop of faultfinding.”

In my opinion he is saying “It’s necessary, to some extent, to find fault with finding fault… but it has to be done with a very sincere and pure heart or else one winds up stuck in the same mire as the faultfinders one initially wanted to be different from.”

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