Why We Love Ourselves

I am the root identity of every individual! I am therefore the root of what you love in anyone or anything — the only reason that your body and similar things are lovable. Therefore to love me and be loved by me directly is the most amazing success!

— Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 3.9.42

Krishna is the root identity of every individual (aham ātma-ātmanāṁ dhātaḥ). That is why people are so interesting and attractive! He is therefore the root of whatever we love in whatever we love! (preṣṭhaḥ san preyasām api). Whatever we may be attracted too, even if it appears immoral or wrong by whatever standards, the truth is that we are attracted to it because it is a part of God, and expresses some aspect of God that we crave.

“That is why people love their body and so on” (deha-adiḥ yat-kṛte priyaḥ).

So imagine the kind of ecstasy that would erupt if we could taste the beauty of God directly rather than filtered and indirectly through his expansions of expansions of expansions!? That is why the highest success is to fall in love with Krishna and to have Krishna fall in love with you. And that is what Viṣṇu promises will happen if we recite Brahmā’s prayers regularly and devotionally or do similar philosophy, discussion and kīrtan as Brahmā.

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