Is there Freewill in Fate?

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“Fate” comes from Latin, where it means, “Spoken.”Like if a judge sentences a criminal, the sentencing is called a “Fatum”. The common people thought that the gods sentenced human beings to various rewards or punishments. This is a half-truth. The gods do enforce a sentence, but like a judge, they are not the origin of the need for a sentence to be passed. The criminal is the origin. Similarly the living being is the origin of the sentence declared by the gods as fate.

In short the word “Fate” should convey the understanding that the gods enforce certain results upon us, but that we are the root cause of the reward and punishment we experience.

“Destiny” also has Latin origins. “de-stinare” means to make something stable. In other words, when something is decided. Again, common people thought that the gods whimsically decided what rewards and punishments to bestow on people…

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