Q & A on Freewill

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Q: Is our intelligence is covered with the three modes of nature?

That’s one way of describing it.

We are ātmā — a quantum (infinitesimal particle) of sentience. The very nature of sentience is to be aware of its own perception and volition. Thus will (“freewill”) is inherent within the core of what we are, ātmā. 

Our material identity is a projection of our core being. So the sentience of ātmā expresses itself through structures and mechanisms in the tangible and intangible world, structures like consciousness, intellect, emotion, and sense perception. So you can say that these “cover” the ātmā or you can say that they express a projection of the ātmā. The reason the word “cover” is useful is that the expression of ātmā through external structures is limited, unlike the ātmā’s inherent potential.

So, to answer the question you are probably going to ask, or want to ask…

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