We Want More Krishna!

Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 3.5.11-13… Vidura says it so well

“Who among us ever ceases to be thirsty for hearing about Krishna, whose sacred feet are adored by the gods? When this sound enters a person’s ears, it severs their affection for all the homely catalysts of material existence. Yes, your dark-skinned friend Vyāsa did describe the qualities of the All-Attractive in his Mahābhārata — using stories of worldly pleasures to attract the minds of common people to hear from and about Hari. If someone nourishes their interest in hearing Hari Kathā, it will cause them to lost interest in everything else. The pleasure of always remembering Hari immediately destroys all sadness.”

Vidura asked Maitreya many popular questions about the universe. Maitreya replied, “haven’t you heard the answers to these questions? Vyāsa has recently written about them in Mahābhārata.”

Vidura replied, “I’ve heard but I am not entirely satisfied.”

Maitreya: Why?

Vidura: The answers are not sufficiently connected to Krishna.

Maitreya: But Krishna is a central character of Mahābhārata.

Vidura: Yes, that’s true. Your friend Vyāsa has given Krishna in Mahābhārata… but not in a very direct and clear way. Mahābhārata is clouded with so many ordinary stories… so much “packaging” and “advertising” and not enough of the actual commodity – Krishna.

I don’t blame him for writing it like that. It was wise. By including all these stories he attracts the attention of ordinary people. And then, once their attention is attracted, he delivers sections like Bhagavad-Gītā, which contain the essence of Krishna Kathā.

And once ordinary people hear these sections, if they pay a little attention to them… the more they pay attention the more they will gain interest in Krishna and lose interest in everything else, everything which causes their entanglement in mundane existence. So the Mahābhārata will be effective for the ordinary person.

But I want something more.

I want something that is 100% Krishna-kathā, because I already have no interest in other topics. I can never get enough Krishna Kathā.

~ ~ ~

Śrīmad Bhāgavatam is history’s first attempt to provide a radically condensed and saturated presentation of Krishna Kathā for the sake of people like Vidura, who are already directly interested in Krishna.

Śrī Caitanya Mahaprabhu and his followers have further condensed and sweetened it in their commentaries and expansive works.

We want to be born into (or moved into) a situation where such works are the dominant art form and entertainment that constantly saturates our ears. We are tired of watching hitopadesh type Lord of the Rings and Star Wars tales where Krishna is only very indirectly and allegorically present.

And certainly we are dead tired of coming into situations where Krishna Kathā is supposed to be spoken, but instead we are served reheated leftovers of grāmya-kathā in the form of psychology, astrology, sociology, astronomy, and plain old prajalpa.

We want our Krishna-kathā, and we want it now!


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