Cosmos Ep 4: A Sky Full of Ghosts

Finally, a great episode. I want all the episodes to be like this one. This is my kind of stuff.

But I can’t miss the opportunity to use the opening lines of this episode to illustrate what has been bugging me so bad about the first three episodes. Neil deGrasse Tyson says,

Seeing is not believing.
Our senses can deceive us.
Even the stars are not what they seem.

Then I want to rhetorically and sarcastically add:

But everything I am about to tell you is true.
Even though it is based on what we observe
With our senses.

“The cosmos revealed by science”… is supposed to be something different that the cosmos that deceives our senses, but that’s poppycock because the “science” he’s talking about is empirical science. “Empirical” means “based on, concerned with, or verifiable by observation or experience rather than theory or pure logic.” So empirical means based on observation, and observation is carried out by our senses, which, as Mr deGrasse Tyson declares, are faulty and deceive us.

So, it goes without saying that “the cosmos revealed by science” is another sensory deception. Certainly a more elaborate and refined one that the deception presented to the naked eye, but a deception nonetheless.

That doesn’t mean its useless.

It does mean that it shouldn’t claim to hold absolute, final answers.



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