The New Cosmos – Episode One


Watched the first episode of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

…loved it.

But then I’m comfortable with a few givens:

1) Its a TV show

So, I don’t demand that it be clinically rigorous by scientific standards. Clinical rigor just doesn’t mix with entertainment.

2) Its an evangelical piece, produced by the “church of science”

It’s meant to get people into science. So, I don’t demand it to be very aware of and fair towards perspectives outside their own.

3) Its from a western branch of that church

So I don’t demand that it accurately represent the history, philosophy, and religion of other cultures very often or very accurately.

If you can also accept these three caveats, I’m pretty sure you can also really enjoy the show, learn a lot from it, and be truly inspired by it. Even if, like me, you are immersed in an Eastern branch of mystical sciences and deal with things on a rigorous epistemological basis.

Some points in the first episode that positively surprised me:

Neil Tyson literally said (and the visuals dramatically illustrated) that maybe “every universe is a bubble in an ocean of causality” (causality may not have been the exact word). Wow, That’s verbatim puranic cosmology!

He openly admitted that the origin of life is unknown to science – an “unsolved mystery,” and even said that it might come from somewhere outside the known system. Well, he said it might originate from “somewhere else in the milky way” – but essentially it demonstrates that its reasonable by modern empirical standards to posit that the origin of life is entirely outside the known – observable system – which is the vedāntic paradigm.

The Cartoon of Bruno

I didn’t find the portrayal of religion distasteful because they specified that it was Christianity and the Roman Catholic church, and they went to lengths to positively include the spiritual content of Bruno’s thoughts. I thought it was odd that they picked Bruno to concentrate so much on, but in the end they did admit that Bruno was not a scientist.

I’m looking forward to the rest of it. Its like watching a really well researched science fiction movie, and thats always good in my book.

– Vraja Kishor

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  1. I agree with your point, it’s just sometimes annoying when there are so many other fascinating theories in the scientific community and they come up with the same theories from 30 years ago, and it’s really annoying when they keep validating the evolution theory, I know that’s all they accept, but I as a devotee knowing the SB it’s diffucult, otherwise the Animation and presentation was nice.


  2. I’d recommend checking out the bbc miniseries called “the planets “.it’s purely science and history but it’s very’s available from Netflix.


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