Femininity and the Hare Krishna Mantra

I’ll share a few more of my experiences on the subject of femininity.

Essentially female means “open” and it means “amplification of input.” The female opens herself up to “input” and then amplifies and expands that input.

One word for female in Sanskrit is strī – literally “expand” – which illustrates what I am talking about: receiving input and expanding upon it. Another word associated with “female” is prakṛti which also literally means something very close to “expand.” Prakṛti means expansion “pra-“ of deeds “krti” – or the entity that is able to expand and develop an effort.

So femininity also means openness, because she cannot receive input to amplify when she is closed. Procreation is a very concrete example of femininity. The female must open herself, receive input, and then she can amplify and expand that input into something amazing, a child. So the feminine nature is open to input and expansive upon the input.


I personally feel that chanting the Hare Krishna mahamantra deeply is an extremely profound feminine experience.

My experience is that I must completely open my mind to receive the mantra. I must not close my mind off from the mantra by clinging tightly to other thoughts. As a female opens herself to her mate, the mind must be feminine and open herself to the mantra. “Hare Krishna, here is my mind, my self, my whole being. I reserve none of it from you. Take all of it. Fill all of it with you. Place your potency within it.”

When the mind becomes womanly open to being filled by the mantra, that mantra immediately responds (being so masculine) and becomes a very ecstatic and blissful entity due to being attracted to the availability of our mind. It then becomes extremely easy and enjoyable to chant and meditate upon the mantra without distraction.



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