A User-Friendly Veda?

To be frank and brief, the Vedas are not user-friendly.

Why not?

Because they were not written for the masses. They were written for extremely literate, experience, brilliant people – who used them as sourcebooks and explained their content in a user-friendly manner to hundreds of more common people whom they interacted with.

Vyāsa scrutinized them once, to make them simpler, and produced the four Vedas we know of today. Again, they were not really user-friendly. So he scrutinized them again and produced the Upanishads. The main themes were becoming more obvious for more ordinary reader, but the upanishads were still quite abstract and difficult. So he repeated his scrutiny a third time and produced the Puranas. These were much more readable to ordinary intelligentsia. But still… Then Nārada helped him discover the final touch, and he created Śrīmad Bhāgavatam at long last.

So, if we want a user-friendly Veda, our best bet is to read Śrīmad Bhāgavatam.

Still, its not very user friendly compared to what we are used to these days in books. Its still because its not designed to be a do-it-yourself manual. The original paradigm still exists – that Sanskrit Vedic texts are written for highly experienced spiritualists, who then explain it to the masses and thus make it user friendly.

So, the user-friendly form of the Veda is guru.

Now that literacy is very high among all classes of people, it will be a good service to Śrī Vyāsa to make further attempts to produce written works that are highly user friendly. But this era (where there are modern writers with the experience and qualification to do so) is just beginning to dawn.


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