Rocks that God Can’t Lift

In logic’s flashier moments, it tries to play with ideas like, ‘if God is all-powerful, can he make a rock too heavy for him to lift?’ A similar topic came up in a discussion between Nārada and Brahmā, recorded in Bhāgavata Purāṇa, 2.6.36. Here is a draft of an English rendition, from my soon-forthcoming Volume 2 of Beautiful Tales of the All-Attractive.

“Do you perfectly understand Hari?” Nārada probed.

“Who can perfectly understand him?” Brahmā exclaimed. “Despite my efforts, my unique qualification as the original being and the source of all other sources in this universe, and despite the exalted goal I achieved, I still cannot perfectly understand Hari. That is the nature of Hari. Even he does not perfectly understand himself!”

“But the he is omniscient,” Nārada inquired, “How can he not fully know himself?”

Because he is unlimited!” Brahmā said.

“It seems like a contradiction,” Nārada said: “he is unlimited, but he cannot fully know himself.”

“Consider space,” Brahmā suggested. “Space is an unlimited substance – all other substances exist within it. Can we say space is not unlimited because it does not contain its own limit?”

It is meaningless to say something is not unlimited just because it lacks a limit. Hari lacks limitation – that is the very nature of being unlimited. A lack of limitation is not a “lack” in the common sense. The inability to exhaustively comprehend an unlimited topic is therefore not a flaw in the comprehension, it is the very nature of the comprehension. Perfection is a dynamic thing.

Here logic begins to fear that it will melt. But if we approach the topic humbly, respectfully, and carefully – the logic of it will shine with an unparalleled molten brightness and clarity.

Here's quite a few rocks lifted rather easily ;)
Here’s quite a few rocks lifted rather easily 😉
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