Māyā “Ashamed to be Seen” By Hari?

There are two reasons Māyā-devī is ashamed to venture into Hari’s sight. One is that she is ashamed of the deceitful work she must perform. The other is that illusion cannot affect the vision of the Supreme Being.




  1. I thought Maha-Maya is engaged in devotional service, facilitating the will of the jivas who wish to turn away from Hari. She puts jivas under a spell by their consent. Maybe she is comparable to a chaste prostitute who is simply doing her duty.

    Also – about illusion not being able to effect Hari – what about Yoga-Maya? Isn’t that an illusion which Hari happily accepts?


    1. Thank you for the thoughtful comment.

      Mahā Maya is engaged in Hari’s service, but it is an embarassing service in her opinion. Therefore she is shy to be seen by Hari since her business is to be seen by so many others.

      Illusion doesn’t affect Hari. Illusion can facilitate Hari.


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