Express your Convictions for Krishna – Passionately. Don’t be a fence-sitter!

“When we don’t hear about the heroism of the Hero, the holes of our ears might as well be snake holes. When we do not sing about the One Worth Singing About, we might as well have the tongues of frogs. When our head does not bow to the Liberator, it is nothing but a heavy burden, even if it is decorated with a silken crown. When our hands do not serve Hari, they might as well be the hands of a corpse, uselessly decorated with glittering golden bracelets. When we do not look upon the forms of Viṣṇu, our eyes might as well be the eyes of a peacock feather. When our legs do not move us to Hari’s sacred places, our legs might as well be the roots of trees? If we mortals never touch the dust from the feet of blessed devotees, we might as well be dead! If we do not smell the scent of Tulasī from the beautiful feet of Viṣṇu, what is the use of breathing? We might as well be a breathing corpse.”

Sūta was speechless with delight to hear Śaunaka so boldly declare such strong devotional sentiments. “Worst of all,” Śaunaka continued, “If we pronounce Hari’s name but our heart does not melt into emotions like tears and goosebumps, what is the use of our heart? Is it really a heart or is it a chunk of iron?”


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