Predictions of Liberation or Enlightenment Are a Bogus Hoax

Vic DiCara's Astrology

Astrologers can be extremely pompus at our worst moments, but never are we more presumptuous, over-adoring of the potentials of astrology, and under-aware of its limits, than when we claim to state on the basis of astrology whether or not a person will attain mokṣa (emancipation from the cycle of birth and death).

Emancipation is beyond matter. It is beyond time and space. Karma, the mechanism of time and space, therefore cannot grant or impede it. This is not merely “my opinion” but the opinion of the Śrīmad Bhāgavatam – the ripened fruit of all Vedic Literature, the exposition of Vedānta Sūtra, which is itself the essence of the Upanishads, which are themselves the explanation of the philosophical content in the original Veda.

स वै पुंसां परोधर्मो यतो भक्तिरधोक्क्षजे। अहैतुक्यप्रतिहता ययात्मा सुप्रसीदति ॥ [ŚB 1.2.6] ॥

sa vai puṁsāṁ paro dharmo yato bhaktir adhokṣaje
ahaituky apratihatā yayātmā suprasīdati

The transcendental essence…

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