How to Realize All This? (4th of the “4-Verse Bhāgavatam”)

Continuing from the third verse, we conclude the four-verse Bhāgavatam-core with Canto Two, Chapter Nine, Text Thirty-Six

etāvad eva jijñāsyaḿ tattva-jijñāsunātmanaḥ | 
anvaya-vyatirekābhyāḿ yat syāt sarvatra sarvadā ||

Brahmā: How can I personally realize all these things?

Hari: You must certainly investigate them to the fullest extent!

Brahmā: How?

Hari: By inquiring.

Brahmā: From who?

Hari: From individuals who have themselves comprehended these truths.

Brahmā: How did they realize these truths?

Hari: By their own investigative inquiry.

Brahmā: From who?

Hari: From those who inquired before them.

Brahmā: Does this chain of inquiry have an origin?

Hari: I am the origin. It is only by my mercy that anyone can realize anything about me, who am beyond everyone. My mercy spreads out in the world through those who have already availed themselves of it.

To put it simply, I am saying that you will learn the method of realizing these truths by inquiring from one who has already realized, guru. Without receiving my mercy through this channel, it’s not possible to comprehend me by independent conjecture.

Brahmā: How should I inquire?

Hari: Always and everywhere, directly and indirectly.

Brahmā: Would you elaborate on “always and everywhere”?

Hari: There is no circumstance in which you cannot strive for me. No matter who you are, where you are, when you are, or what your condition is – pious or impious – you can always immediately strive for me via sincere inquiry and investigation.

Another implication is that the process of searching for me is itself transcendental and eternal. Even in perfection, the essence of this adventure does not cease.

Brahmā: Would you elaborate on “directly and indirectly.”

Hari: Inquire directly: “What am I?”, and indirectly: “What am I not?” Directly: “What is the Absolute Truth?” Indirectly: “What is ignorance of the Absolute Truth?” Inquire about the value of my love, and the worthlessness not having my love. Inquire about the direct taste of my love when united with me, and the indirect taste of my love when separated from me.


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