When God Leads a Political Revolution

This is a translation of Śrīmad Bhāgavatam, Canto Two, Chapter Seven, Śloka 22

parasuramaBrahmā: When the hell bent government strayed from the moral path by controverting the philosophers who explained the spirit of the law, the Great Soul made them the oil in the sacrificial offering to fate. With his very sharp, terribly powerful axe, he uprooted those thorns from the earth, thrice seven times over.

Nārada: The Paraśurāma avatāra.

In his elucidation on this śloka, A.C. Bhaktivedānta Swāmī Prabhupāda comments that some of these governors/kings were able to flee from Paraśurāma to distant places, especially to Eqypt – where they founded the Egyptian civilization. He says this claim is supported by Mahābhārata. Elsewhere he has been quoted as including Greece and Rome among the civilizations begun by those who fled from Paraśurāma.

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