iOS7 – When “Chewing the Chewed” Works

ios7-hand-100041902-largeI got tired of swiping a metallic looking thing to the right to open up my personal-universe-slash-smartphone. It got boring. But today, there is a new iOS! iOS7! Seven!!! Now I don’t have to swipe that same old boring metallic looking thing to the right. Now I have… well, I don’t really even know how to describe it, it’s so light and airy and freeform. It’s so fun. It’s like right-swiping cotton candy.

My personal-universe-slash-smartphone is fun again! Yippie!

And other neat things abound. I can have an “active background.” That means little bubbles can blurb around animated in the background. That’s a relief. I was bored solid of those static, standing-still photo-images I had to use for the last 12 years as the backdrop to my personal universe.

And there’s other neat things. Well, there’s other things that look neater, and theres a few things that even work better. Actually, everything looks neater. Kinda more like, you know… one of those other smartphones – like the Galaxy or whatever else is out there.

So, that’s what you do. You repackage.

Here is a bit of meal that’s already been chewed. That’s alright, we can serve it again, just put it on a new plate. The customer will love it, because the plate is more modern. So I get my new iOS and feel like a kid again, for 15 minutes, or maybe 15 days. Then I’ll want a new plate again, a new package, a new update, some new way to swipe, some new two-finger screen-gesture to flick… and they’ll give it to me. iOS7. They’ll keep giving it to me because they like my money.

And it seems like I like giving them my money.

It’s nothing “evil” about apple, or smartphones, or technology, or the modern world. It’s just the way things are. Everything has always been this way.

A zillion aeons ago, a brilliant young boy named Prahlād ingeniously expressed what it’s like to live in this world:

पुनः पुनश्चर्वित-चर्वणानाम्

In case you can’t read those pretty letters:

punaḥ punaścarvita-carvaṇānām

And in case you don’t know Sanskrit:

“Again and again, chewing the chewed…”

We’re chewing something that doesn’t have flavor. But it’s so nicely packaged! The plate is so well presented, and so nicely decorated! The user interface is so simple, clear, minimal and effective!!! So, let’s try it!

OK, once the packaging is opened, the content is… well, the same… basically, something without much flavor.

“Waiter! This is tasteless. Send it back to the chef!”

OK, the chef will try again… a new platter, new decorations, a new interface – same food.

Oooo, so attractive. Let’s try it again. Chew it again.

Why doesn’t the content have any flavor? We should ask! Our smart-phones are fun to use, but what do we use them for? Talking to friends? It can be fun to swipe, pinch and point to call and text our friends, but do our friends really even like us? If we stopped driving them here or there, or flattering their ego – would they keep speed-dialing and SMS / Line / Skyping us? And how delicious is that reality?

The real operating system is the mind. And the real content is the heart.

Our content is stale. Only love is fresh.

Instead of love we all are saturated with various permutation of selfishness – the anti-love. That’s why life tastes bitter. Even if you taste a bitter thing from a penthouse on the top of the Empire State Building, it’s still bitter. Even if you read it on your amazing iOS79c transported by Mr. Spock to you from the future – it’s still bitter.

As long as we are charmed by the allure of repackaging a selfish, bitter outlook on life – every revision is going to be disappointing. As soon as we forget the fluff and get to the real stuff – right down into our heart and work on finding the infinite pool of rāsa (FLAVOR) that ripples like nectar in the goblet of our spiritual being – then we really won’t give a damn for any OS updates. We’ll be too busy dancing, singing, celebrating and shedding tears of loving joy.

This is the most powerful mantra that will update the kernel of your soul’s inner heart. Download it now:

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare
Hare Rāma, Hare Rāma
Rāma Rāma, Hare Hare

Chant this mantra constantly and you will discover the fountainhead of all delightful flavor, the handsome hero of Vraja.

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