A Few Words Related to “Falldowns” of “Swamis” and “Gurus”

Everyone falls down. Gurus fall down, nobodies fall down. Men fall down, women fall down. Old people fall down, young people fall down. People who write books fall down, people who never say a single word fall down. People who practice rāgānugā-sādhana fall down, people who practice vaidhi-sādhana fall down. Brahmacaris fall down, grhasthas too, sanyassis too, and “that other āśrama” as well; even those who are uncultured on both ends of the spectrum fall down. People who travel and preach fall down, people who stay in one place fall down. People in Vrndavana fall down, people in Govardhan fall down, people in Radha Kunda fall down, and people in Nebraska fall down too.

The purusha abhiman can regain its beginningless hold over the miniscule jiva at any point in time, anywhere, under any circumstances. I don’t think its profitable to overanalyze the circumstances, therefore, pretending that the circumstances cause the falldown. It is the purusha-abhiman which causes the fall down, the circumstances it exploits to do so can be anything.

The best advice is therefore to continually try our best to always do Harinam-Samkirtana; not feeling respectable, but always feeling respectful; very meek like grass, and very patient like trees.

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