The Oblivion Movie

Oblivion - Tom Cruise movie

It wasn’t that good, nor that bad. It gets a B- as a movie, from a SciFi fan. If you’re not partial to SciFi, this will rank like a D- or F for you.


The Bad Stuff:

Tom Cruise gets a C+ from me on the acting, and none of the actors were terribly good either.

Costumes for the “scavs” were terribly corny.

Romance/semi-nude semi-sex scenes inserted as filler to make up for the fact that not a whole lot else in the characters was relate-able.

The picture on the poster was awesome, that scene wasn’t even in the movie. I was bummed on that.

The story had too many holes in it. For example, if the Tet finished off 90% of humanity so easily, why is it just twiddling its thumbs protecting itself from the remaining 10% instead of kicking the crap out of them like it did with everyone else?

Why was it called “Oblivion”???

In a post-apocalypse world, I really want to see a lot more post-apocalyptic stuff. Too much of the movie was set in nondescript deserts, or non-post-apocalyptic settings.


The Good Stuff:

There was some post-apocolyptic settings, at least, and they were pretty cool, at least. New York Library was cool.

It was a good plotline to totally switchup the main character’s concept of reality. I liked that. And the way they did it was also pretty cool, in my opinion. That saved the movie.

The visuals on futuristic stuff was eye-candy – but nothing terribly visionary or new.

It’s cool that the alien was some weird undefined computer-type-thing.

The way the story revealed who the main characters really were, that was also pretty well done.

The concept of the soul of the person being composed of their memories is a Buddhist, nihilist approach – and the way the main character could reincarnate (more or less) due to his memories being shared among many bodies, was something interesting to see portrayed on the big screen.

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