Chapters for a Book on Vegetarianism

Karma Cow SlaughterI’m working on a book about Vegetarianism. Here are the tentative titles of the chapters:


The Cult of Violence

Ahimsa on the Lower East Side

Guido’s Karma Collision

Bleeker Bob’s Frightening Fanzines

The Straw that Broke the Chicken’s Neck


AM / PM Neanderthal

Paleolithic Protein Pushers

Conan the Barbarian Ate Meat, So Why Can’t I?

Follow the Idiot

I’m Not Killing Animals, I’m Just Buying a Hamburger

The Blood of… Christ?

It’s Their Karma


Roots of Vegetarianism

Eat the Planet

Blood on the Streets – Blood on your Plates

“Superior to Animals”? What a Great Concept!


I’m Out… You?

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