Why is Facebook so Addictive?

Why is Facebook so addictive?

Well, what does the living entity crave more than anything? Love.

When the living entity is confused, it thinks of love in terms of getting it, rather than giving it. So the living entity craves attention and compliments. Everything else the living entity craves is a permutation of that.

What is Facebook – it is a way to get attention. God, it is so attractive. There is so much “buzz” going on there. So many people looking at so many other people. Post something! People will look at it! And they will click “like” (compliments) or even (hold your breath) share your post with others!!!

People say its a way to “share.” What is there to share? My feelings, my opinions, my trivia, my religion, my politics, my ideas, etc. etc. etc. And what’s the point? To get attention and compliments.

Of course the point doesn’t have to be getting attention and compliments. It could be a valid way to network with important people in your life. But when that’s the case, we don’t experience it as an addiction.

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