Infinite Beauty and Bliss of THE ONE

Krishna and Balaram embrace after the defeat o...
Krishna and Balaram embrace after the defeat of Kaliya (Photo credit: thesandiegomuseumofartcollection)

Why is God “born”?


Why does God have a name, a form, a history?


Is this not a limitation on something that by nature is unlimited?


The Indian Sanskrit masterpiece Śrīmad Bhāgavatam addresses these questions in great depth and detail. I will try to communicate what I feel is the essential answer it provides. With the help of my mother-in-law I was able to express it in a brief Japanese statement:




In English it reads:


To manifest infinite bliss,
The One becomes myriad


There is one amazing entity that has no name, no form, no history and no birth. That entity is aware of its own existence, which makes it aware of the potential to experience happiness and pleasure. Happiness cannot be fully enjoyed alone, instead that is called loneliness! Therefore the One does not manifest as one, it manifests as many: with infinite names, forms, histories, and births.


What is “supreme happiness”? It is love, pure love. Like happiness, love does not thrive in solitude and isolation. Therefore the One is eternally manifest as many divine forms, including all of us and everything in the world.


Krishna is the name we give to the One in its original love and pleasure oriented form, pursuing its original and primary desire: to share the bliss of love with all of us. Today is the anniversary of the day on which Krishna appears on earth, like the Moon rising in the east, to display the brilliant beauty and bliss of his divine loving relationships, and attract all of us towards our true nature, so share in the infinite bliss of the One.



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