Interesting information about Arjuna and the Indian Lunar Calendar.

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In the Mahābhārata (Virata Parva, Section 44) Arjuna explains his many names to his daughter in law, Uttarā. In text 14 he explains why he has the name Phālguna.

उत्तराभ्यं च पूर्वाभ्यं फल्गुनीभ्याम् अहम् दिवा
जातो हिमवतः प्रेस्ष्ठ तेन माम् फल्गुनं विधुः

uttarābhyaṁ ca pūrvābhyaṁ phalgunībhyām aham divā
jāto himavataḥ presṣṭha tena mām phalgunaṁ vidhuḥ

I am known as Phalguna, my dear, because I was born in the snowy season on a day belonging to both Uttara- and Purva-Phalguni.

The lunar calendar is the primary calendar of Indian culture, because it is designed for religious and spiritual time-keeping and Indian culture is fundamentally religious and spiritual. This method of telling time involves measuring the distance between the Moon and Sun (which basically amounts to the same thing as counting lunar phases). It ties the lunar phase to Earthly days via the Sunrise. The phase of the moon at…

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