Expression of Love

“Love is expressed by actions, not defined by them.”

Cooking for someone, for example, expresses your love for the person – but does not define, create or establish it. After all, you can cook for customers in a restaurant. Kissing someone is an action that expresses love, but a kiss is not the definition, establishment or creation of love. Doing things for a person expresses our love for that person, but does not create it or define it!

That is why a husband can work for the wife and family, yet the family might still feel unloved and lonely. It is why the prostitutes embrace has nothing to do with affection.

Love is a preexisting condition.

Love is eternal, uncreated, absolutely independent and self-manifesting.

Love is “absolute truth.” It is divinity. It is Gods purpose and meaning.

Love is not something you can create, it is some which exists (or doesn’t). If you love someone, that person will feel wonderful from any way you express your love, however small or insignificant. If you don’t love someone, nothing you do for them will ever satisfy their hearts.

So if you would like to satisfy someone, stop thinking that quantifiable service and work done for the person should cause their satisfaction. It will not. Only love gives satisfaction.

How does love come to exist?

Only love can create love, nothing else can. So love only comes from itself. Therefore to create love we must learn how to recognize it. For once we recognize love we can run towards it, embrace it, and be transformed by it. The more we touch love the more we become love. So we must learn where to find it.

What does love look like?

Sri Rupa Goswami, the deepest poet on the subject, defined it. He said, “Pure Love = Actions with no ulterior motive besides the express desire to please the beloved.”

Merely contemplating this definition is to touch true love. Just put this definition in your mind and it will begin the transformation.

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