Tending The Garden of Divine Love

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After explaining to Sri Rupa the rarity of Krsna-bhakti. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu now explains how to cultivate it.

A very rare soul wandering through the universe gets the mercy of Krsna through a Guru – that is the seed of Bhakti, divine love.

Becoming a gardener, he sows the seed and waters it with hearing and chanting about Krsna. Thus the seed grows into a spout which gets bigger and bigger as it is watered. It pierces the shell of the universe, traverses the ocean of causality, enters the pure effulgence and penetrates into the spiritual world. Reaching the topmost spiritual planet – Goloka Vrindavana – the vine of divine love finally finds the wish-fulfilling tree of Sri Krsna’s feet and embraces them. Then it begins to produce the fruit: divine love.

Meanwhile, the gardener continues watering the vine by hearing and chanting. If the gardener insults, disrespects or otherwise becomes antagonistic towards other gardeners – it is just like an elephant in heat storming into his garden, uprooting or crushing the vine of bhakti. The crushed, uprooted vine cannot cause the fruit of divine love to ripen. Therefore the gardener carefully builds high, strong walls to ensure protection from this elephant of disrespect towards others.

Even still, while carefully watering the vine of devotion many other weeds will appear. These weeds are countless permutations of desires to enjoy name and fame as a result of hearing and chanting about Krsna. They will choke and strangle the roots of the divine vine, and the fruit of divine love will cease to mature and ripen. Therefore the gardener must uproot each and every weed as soon as he sees it.

Thus soon the fruit of divine love becomes ripe and falls from the vine. The gardener climbs the vine to Krsna’s wish-fulfilling feet in Goloka-Vrindavana and there he blissfully enjoys the flavor of that fruit by directly serving Sri Krsna.

This is the highest reward of life, which makes all other rewards look like straw. One can be interested in other goals only so long as one has not caught the slight fragrance of that divine fruit’s scent.

Next, Mahaprabhu goes on to explain the characteristics of this fruit – pure divine love of Krsna.

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