Perspective on Bhakti, Peace, and Happiness

Rupa Goswami
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This is the beginning of what Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu said to Rupa Goswami to cause his complete enlightenment and empowerment as the modern day lord Brahma.

In the universe, there are infinite living things. All of them are dependent on Godhead.

Some of them move, some do not. Of those that move, some move in the air, some in the water and some on land.

Among all these, human beings are very scarce and rare. But the majority of human beings do not cultivate Vedic enlightenment. Among those few who do, at least half of them do so in name only, for in practice they completely ignore Vedic teachings.

Among those few who truly practice Vedic enlightenment, the majority do so through the rituals and duties of karma-marga. For a million such ritualistic people, there is only one philosopher (jnani) – and that one is better than the million.

The philosophers directly endeavor for liberation. But out of a million of them, there is only one who actually attains a liberated, enlightened state.

Out of a million enlightened philosophers, it is rare (durlabha) to find even one Krsna-bhakta (pure lover of Krsna).

The Krsna bhakta has no personal desires – therefore he has achieved shanti – peace. Religionists desire heaven, philosophers desire enlightenment, mystics desire perfections – there none of them has achieved true peace.

Bhagavata Purana confirms this: “Among many enlightened beings, and out of many perfected souls, to find a pure lover of Sri Narayana is extremely rare (sudurlabha). Among millions of beings only that person is truly peaceful and satisfied at heart.”

After this, Prabhu Caitanya goes on to educate Sri Rupa on how to cultivate Krsna bhakti.

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