Misery of not being humble.

Humility is the truest wisdom. Without it we are “fools.” Without humility all we do is see faults in everyone else, we are “critical.” We don’t care about how others feel, only how we feel is important – thus we speak and act “harshly.” This sort of lifestyle provides as much true happiness as a desert provides water. Therefore we become “wanton” – which means our eyes and mind ever rove and roam to find an oasis of pleasure in the desert of the world. We are more prone to do “ill deeds” to reach an inaccessible oasis. Without humility we feel that the world is against us, treating us unfairly. Thus we perceive “enemies and obstacles everywhere.”



  1. So true. Jiva Goswami writes in the Sandarbhas that offences are the cause of material desires. Even a liberated soul falls down due to offences. sadhu sabdhan!


  2. Love coming across this message. Recently was wondering what was missing from my attitude towards my job. A job I do love. But in recent weeks my humbleness has seem to have faded. Thanks for helping me see this more clearly in my own life. 🙂


  3. sAdhu sAbdhAn means ‘beware, o saint!’ and is typically cried out during feasts to remind the invitees not to drool over the ‘food’ but to honour it as the Lord’s remnants. It is also generally used among sadhus to warn each other whenever lust, greed, honour etc. are luring. sAdhu sAbdhAn! koro avadhAna! Beware O saint, pay attention!


    1. You are bringing back so many sweet memories. Thank you.

      In B.R. Chopra’s Mahabharat the characters frequently callout “Sabdhan” before they attack each other in battle. =)


      1. Oh I remember them yelling that out in that series too! Though I more remember seeing the English subtitle not the actual word, but now it makes sense why that was said so often, great to know the meaning and various contexts of its usage.


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