Translation of a Bengali song by the great Bhaktivinode

hear this plea
from a selfish sensualist, always addicted to lust
without a trace of good character: me.
Gopinath, you are my only hope
seeking asylum at your feet
am I, your servant.

how will you redeem me?
I don’t know what “devotion” is, all I think about are my selfish plans
I’ve fallen into the grip of death’s horrific cycles.
Gopinath, everything here is an illusion
I have no strength, and am devoid of true knowledge
It’s impossible to get free from all this on my own

An eternal place at your feet
begging pitifully for it, weeping and weeping
out of mercy, give it to me.
Gopinath, you can do anything
you can even rescue the wicked, that is your power
who is more wicked than me?

your mercy is limitless
for the sake of lost souls, you manifest in this world
and expand your wondrous pastimes
Gopinath, I am more faulty than the faulty
all the demons attained your feet
but I, Vinoda, remain behind.

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