The Real Secret of Spirituality

This is what goes down in the 9th chapter of Bhagavad Gita…

Krsna: I will now tell you the greatest secret. Only those who trust me can understand it.

Arjuna: Why do some people not trust you?

K: Because they think I am ordinary. As such they either ignore me, or hold me responsible for their own suffering. I am not ordinary, I am the source of everything, and am neutral and fair to everyone.

A: What about people who do trust you?

K: Those great souls take shelter of my divine energy (Sri Radha) and she engages them sweetly in my loving services: constantly doing my kirtan and striving with great determination to please my senses.

A: What about people who are not sure?

K: They appreciate spirituality and religion but do not yet directly embrace me as the main point behind and within all of it.

A: Those who mistrust you attain karmic bondage, what about those who are not sure?

K: They attain heaven for sometime as a result of their partial goodness. Then they return to karmic bondage – despite all their endeavors.

A: What about those who trust and love you?

K: The surpass even heaven and attain me personally, eternally.

A: Is that fair?

K: Yes. You get the results of what you do. If you worship karmic things you get karmic results. Partially karmic things, give you partially karmic results. If you worship me, you get me. It is perfectly fair.

A: How do we worship you?

K: It is not difficult like other paths. I just takes love. With love, even a fruit or flower (etc) becomes suitable for divine worship. Whatever you have or do can become divine worship for me, when you use it to express your love for me.

A: Is it fair that karmic religion is so difficult, but devotion is so simple and easy?

K: Yes it is fair. If you want to elevate yourself on your own efforts (karma) I let you. If you want to depend on me and give your whole self to me (bhakti), I let you. I am being entirely fair. There is no partiality in me being apathetic to those who are apathetic to me, and being endearing to those who endear themselves to me!

A: Since devotion to you is so powerful, is there some special qualification one needs before one can take to this spiritual path?

K: No, I am open to everyone and anyone. Even if by other standards they are very “sinful” (30) I welcome their love always and allow them swift spiritual progress as a result of their devotion. (31)

Even if they are barbarians with no idea of Vedic culture, I welcome their love with open arms! Even if they are bared from religious and intellectual circles like Vedic culture bars women, workers, and money-men – still I welcome their love with open arms. (32) And of course if they are cultured kings and philosophers I welcome their love also. (33)

I am impartial to all! Anyone who offers me love, purchases my heart with their affection! I never forget them!

A: Please once again declare how we should show you our love!

K: Man-Mana!!!! Put me in your mind!
Mad-Bhakta!!! Consider yourself my lover / friend!!!
Mad-Yaji!!! Out of love, try to please my senses!
Mam-Namaskara!!! Show me respect!

Man evaishyasi yuktva-ivam!!! In any and all ways just always link yourself to me!

Atmaanaam Mat Paraayanah!!!! DO IT WITH YOUR HEART! DO IT WITH YOUR SOUL!! Give your heart to me! (34)

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