Grow Up, World

Gay Pride Amsterdam 2008
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You would think that having grown a bit past the age of, say, 14 the fascination with the anatomy of our bodies would wear off. But for the vast majority of human society – perhaps for the vast majority within the individual consciousness of each and every one of us – this just doesn’t happen.

Men keep on being obsessed with the discovery that they are men, and showing it to the world by flexing their muscles. Women keep on being obsessed with the discovery that they are women, and showing it to the world by posing and primping and bearing their nipples.

I don’t know – shouldn’t this behavior have worn off on us a bit after we really discovered our genders? You know say, 13 years old? Maybe 14. OK maybe 16 or even 18? No?

There are far too many people sticking their tits in the public eye. Yeah, yeah – it’s not always naked tits. But it always boils down to tits. Tits and Ass. It’s as if that not only defines the womanliness of woman bearing them, but also defines the manliness of the man drooling over them. It’s just too much. Every time we see it, it pulls us backward. De-evolves us. Pulls us back to puberty.

Seriously, puberty was pretty fucked up. I’d rather move on.

We have a human society on Earth right now of 20, 30, 40, 50, even 60 year old teenagers. And the 70 years olds pass their short remaining time just lamenting that they are not 40 any more – those where the days when they could still pull off imitating the teenagers showing their beautiful new tits and lusting over them with their newly functional mainly muscle.

I’m not calling anyone evil or a devil. I am an evil devil. Hell, for a while I even earned a living helping people broadcast tits. I am not preaching, just speaking up. Having been on all sides of the spectrum from the monastery to the tits-industry and having seen it all my conclusion is that it is really not a good thing for humanity to keep teenage hormones going for 50 years.

Besides being “not good” it is really boring. Sex is awesome, I can agree with that. But we are not even exploring sex in a grown up way! What to speak of exploring anything beyond the realm of physical pleasures and gratifications. It is boring, it makes for a very boring society – for anyone who doesn’t have a pile of hormones kicked into turbo mode by viagra or whatever. We need more art, science, music, philosophy, dance, and culture that is not centered on newly discovering or rediscovering our basic gender anatomies.

ISKCON desire tree - Radha and Krishna Dance T...
Image by ISKCON desire tree via Flickr

In a way, our inability to grow past puberty speaks to the profound magnitude of the pull exerted on our psyche by what is originally the parakiya-ujjvala-rasa of Sri Sri Radha-Krishna. The fascination with lawless unbounded new idyllic discovery of erotic romance is a thirst fundamental to the spiritual substance of who and what we really are at our highest height of purity! Yet the tree of reality reflected on the pond of illusion winds up being upside down – roots up  and branches down, or “legs up heads down” to put it in a vulgar way. That which is in reality the highest branch of the most enlightening and liberating thing – the parakiya-ujjvala-rasa of Sri Sri Radha-Krsna, the original cause of our facination with being men and women – when reflected on the pond of illusion, becomes the lowest part of the image.

By “low” I mean, retrogressive, de-evolved, un-special, base, and not-that-great.

The real medicine to this boring zombie-teenage culture we have is more art, science, dance, music, and culture that discovers and rediscovers the transcendental love affairs of the divine couple. Meanwhile, “enjoy” Lady Gaga and the countless permutations of the same that are sure to follow when her tits (and her style of flaunting them) get a little too old to keep in the game.

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