Lyrics to Padabali Kirtan

Rajastani Style painting of Radharani
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To blossoming “Brindabane”
Dancing flocks of peacocks play
The birds and bees buzz and sing on the breeze.
My dear friends accompany me
Singing we go, so playfully
To the lovely bower in the trees.

Hari! Hari! Dreams and wishes do come true, for me!
The two arrive majestically
Amazed to behold them and see
Goosebumps on my skin, set free.

Amidst her friends who surround
Radhika’s call to me sounds
I answer with my comb and smile
Abundantly long and curly
Brushing and decorating
Trying into most amazing styles.

Perfumes of musk and sandalwood
I apply to her lovely limbs
A necklace, enchanting, I clasp
Candana-Kunkum tilak
I apply
Beholding the beauty of her face.

Sapphire silken cloth
So carefully I adorn.
Strands of bejeweled bells for her feet.
Poured water becomes pink
By washing her lovely feet
My hair upon them, as a towel.

Fresh pedals from newest flowers
Prepare the softest bed
I recline the couple there, to rest.
I take up the camara whisk
Gently, gently fanning away
The fatigue from their two bodies.

A golden jewel-box carrying
Karpur-tambula bearing
I place some within their two mouths.
Their lips purest flavors
Refreshing that tambula
I then enjoy it, with extreme care.

Sri Guru, the mercy ocean
Protector and friend of the poor
To this poor soul, please take heed.
And all of their dearest friends…
This is the wealth I beg of you.

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