Tending the Garden of Your Heart

Flowering Vine
Image by miklb via Flickr

I learned that divine love comes from divine love, and not from anywhere or anything else. To get divine love I must come in contact with a divine lover. To get “infected” with devotion, I must contact the carrier of the “disease” – the devotee.

How is the “germ” of divine love transmitted from one carrier to the next? It must be transmitted from the heart of the carrier to the heart of the “victim.” The easiest and most common way is when the carrier of divine love expresses his or her heart through their words which enter my heart through the gateway of my ears. Thus the germ or “seed” of divine love enters a new host, a new heart.

That germinating seed is a fascinating idea: “Instead of trying to obtain pleasure for myself, maybe trying to please the divine is the true key to becoming happy?”

The more I contact those who cherish this idea in their heart – the more my ears hear, eyes behold, and all my senses experience their loving expressions – the more firmly the seed of divine love plants itself within the soil of my own heart.

Once upon an extraordinarily fortunate time, lovers of the divine planted that priceless seed in the soil of my heart, and it took root. Becoming a gardener of my own heart, I took responsibility for its healthy growth. I watered it with my desire to love Kṛṣṇa, and the seed grew into a vine climbing throughout my mind and spreading her verdant leaves into all the senses of my body. Her touch, like that of an alchemist, transformed my entire being from the iron of selfish materialism to the molten gold of pure spirituality.

Eventually, I became like a bumble bee thirsty to make honey from the pollen of her flowers; mad with the thirst to relish the ecstatic experience of divine loving affairs with the all-attractive Godhead, Kṛṣṇa.

Now let’s turn our full attention to understanding how to tend this seed and see to its healthy flowering!

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