Getting the Right Guru

Guidepost on Połonina Caryńska, Bieszczady, Poland
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It is very important to find helpful guides on the path of divine love. What makes a guide truly “helpful”? First of all they must be more experienced in walking the  path. That is fairly easy to find, to tell you the truth. Second, they must honestly like me and therefore take a sincere interest in helping me. Third, the vibe has to be right. There are many varieties, perhaps infinite varieties, of divine love. The most helpful guides are those with experience cultivating the same type of seed that I have. In other words my guides must have subtle attitudes and moods about divine love that are complimentary with the subtle attitude and mood of divine love inherent in the seed I am cultivating within my own heart.

The generous goddess of divine love sent me many such helpful guides. Soon, one among them really stood out and I took him as my “guru,” my personal, primary guide. Together, my guru and my guides provided the guidance-system on my quest for divine love, and continued to connect me with more and more sources of similar guidance. From them I began to get a clearer understanding of divine love and it’s practical and immediate application and relevance.

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