Why So Many Religions?

These countless paths can be grouped into three major categories: paths of doing, paths of knowing, paths of feeling. In Sanskrit these are called karma, jñāna, and bhakti paths, respectively.

These paths are cumulative. That is, the soul follows a definite progression from one set of spiritual paths to the next as s/he evolves through them. First come the paths of doing. The main result of perfecting these paths is that one loses the vast majority of ego-selfishness as a result of dedicating one’s actions to actively supporting and caring for and maintaining other people and other beings.

Ego distorts our ability to objectively understand reality. It makes everything subjective. So, when Ego dissipates by the paths of doing we can graduate to the paths of knowing. These paths are very intellectually active in understanding reality through objective philosophy and science. The final result of these paths is to directly understand that one depends upon the Supreme Being at every step and in all ways.

Thus one develops great and deep spiritual feelings for the care bestowed to us by the Supreme Being. One thus sets out into the paths of feeling – the third category of spiritual paths. These paths nourish, cultivate and expand our feelings of gratitude, respect, and love for the supreme. The very culmination of this set of paths is extremely intimate relationship with the Supreme, where we feel the absolute bliss of giving back supreme love to the supreme, in unimpeded and unterminating forms of expression.

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