A Prayer for True Happiness

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It disturbs me really, how we are so materialistic and self-absorbed that even when we touch philosophy, spiritual ideas and Sanskrit mantras we make them so petty and materialistic. Recently I was sent a “Krsna mantra” with such a disturbing translation I had to take the time out to give my opinion on what the real meaning of the mantra is.

The mantra is as follows:

Krishna Krishna Mahayogin
Bhaktanam Abhayakara
Govinda Paramananda
Sarvam me Vashamanaya

Krishna Krishna Mahayogin

First of all the name Krsna is repeated twice. You never do that unless you are very emotional. This is indicating that the mantra cannot be chanted correctly by a person without loving emotions for Krsna. Those who want powers and glories for themselves only love themselves, therefore the first words indicate that this mantra is locked and barred from them.

Krishna is then addressed as Maha-Yogin becaue he is the greatest “yogi” – a yogi is one with self-control and completely into touch with the self. There is no need to mention this about Krsna because it is obvious. Therefore the actual meaning of Maha-Yogin as it relates to Krsna is deeper. It addresses him as the personality who is the source of both maha-maya and yoga-maya. Maya is the power of “magic” – which means the ability to do amazing things. Mahamaya is the magic which creates the material universe and binds the souls to illusions. Yogamaya is the magic that creates the spiritual universe and binds the soul to blissful loving intimate relationships with Krsna. Both of these powers emenate from Krsna.

This the first line emphatically calls to Krsna asking him to subside the mahamaya and apply the yogamaya so that we will lose our bondage to illusion and attain a bond with him.

Bhaktanam Abhayamkara

This does not mean “Make me fearless.” The first word is Bhaktanam which means all the bhaktas, all the devotees. The second word is a compound, Abhayam-kara – to make fearless. Krsna makes all the devotees fearless. He will not make a selfish egoistic person seeing power and enjoyment fearless! He will make fearless those people who love him! The mahamaya of material illusion is fearsome by constitution. Those who say “Krsna Krsna! Free me from illusion and bind me to you” those people and those people alone will become fearless. This is the undeniable import of this mantra!

Why do they become fearless? Fear occurs when something negative impends beyond our control. Since nothing can impeed spiritual devotion to Krsna, there is nothing to be afraid of. Thus those who seek a relationship with Krsna and attain it become absolutely fearless.

Govinda Paramananda

To say this means “O blissful lord” is an understatement and probably not particularly correct on Sanskrit grammar either. Govinda is another name for Krsna. Go means the senses and vinda means pleasure. Krsna is the only true source of pleasure. When we are in the grips of mahamaya and material illusion we think that sense objects stripped of their intrinsic relationship to God can bring us pleasure – chocolate, strawberries, genitals, etc. etc. However these things only bring misery sooner or later. Only a person who has taken shelter of yogamaya, seeking a bond with Krsna in selfless love, only they can realize true sensual happiness. This is the import of the word Govinda.

Paramananda means the paramount-bliss. This qualifies the type of “vinda” or pleasure given to the “go” (senses) by Govinda. It is not normal paltry sense gratification. It is something categorically superior to material sense gratification – an incalculable state of pleasureable bliss is given by Govinda to those who simply place themselves in a bond of loving relationship to him. this is what the mantra is trying to tell you.

Sarvam Me Vashamanaya

This does not mean “let me control all things that concern me.” It means, let everything that i posses become yours, even take me, take my heart!

Full Translation/ Meaning

Krsna Krsna! Please free me from the bonds of illusion and bind me to you!
Make me your loving devotee, and thus make me fearless!
You are the source of the supreme bliss of pure selfless love!
May everything that I am and everything that I have become yours!

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