The Seed of Divine Love

Flower - Trumpet Vine

The seed of divine love is the confidence that pleasing God is the best thing I could do for myself. Having gotten that seed by hearing the emotions and thoughts of a person who was in love with God, I eventually took up a sense of responsibility to cultivate it, care for it, and see that it grew into something strong.

I planted that seed in the soil of my heart, where it took root. I poured my desire to love Krsna on the seed always, and the seed it grew into a vine climbing throughout my mind. This vine spread leaves into all of the senses of my body. Thus, like an alchemist, she transformed my entire being from the iron of selfish materialism to the molten gold of pure spirituality.

Eventually, I myself became like a bumble bee maddened to taste the honey of her flower: the ecstatic experience of divine loving affairs with the all-attractive Godhead, Krsna.

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