Sounds that Bring Joy – The Eastern Idea of Music


In Japanese, this means music: 音楽 – the first symbol means “sound” – but music is not just any sound, the second symbol means “fun”. Music is enjoyable sound. But the letter for fun, is also the base of the letter for “medicine” (薬)! Japanese considers “fun” to be the foundation of health – so it is not talking about superficial fun or sense gratification – but substantial inner joy. What Sanskrit would call अानन्द, ananda. So the conception of music encoded into the japanese language is that it is sound which causes the joy that is the basis of healthy life. Through music, the ills of life can be cured.
Japanese culture is exceedingly influenced by Chinese, which itself is very strongly influenced by Indian culture. The Indian idea of मन्त्र (mantra), a sound which frees the mind from grief/ignorance – is quite in harmony with this japanese idea of music: 音楽 – don’t you think?



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