Five Blockades to Fixed Devotional Practices

Its a Wordless Song in the Depth of My Soul.....
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Five Blockades to Fixed Devotional Practice

  1. Drowsiness – laya
  2. Distraction – vikṣepa
  3. Disinterest – apratipatti
  4. Deep desires – kaṣāya
  5. Enjoyment / No Enjoyment – rasāsvāda

Drowsiness makes me literally fall asleep during my devotional practices.

Distraction makes me concentrate on other things while externally going through the motions of my devotional practices.

Disinterest in loving Krsna is why my practices have no depth, even when not afflicted by sleepiness or distraction.

Deep desires manifest as pride, anger and greed. Even when I can overcome disinterest in devotion, emotions connected to pride, anger and greed soon draw my interest away again, absorbing me once again in mundane selfish concerns.

Material enjoyment cooperates with deep desires to pull my attention away from devotional practices soon after I manage to fix it there, by reminding me of my desire to enjoying some specific experience.

Another way I look at this is that material enjoyment can only exist when there is a lack of spiritual enjoyment. Perhaps that is why the Sanskrit word for this obstacle, rasāsvāda, simultaneously indicates the desire to enjoy and the inability to enjoy. I desire to enjoy the mundane, and simultaneously am unable to enjoy the divine. This means that even when I am not sleepy, not distracted… even when I am interested in developing devotion and am not being swept away by deep rooted desires… still it is not easy to be very deep and fixed in my devotional practices because I am only qualified to enjoy life in a mundane way, I have no qualification yet to enjoy real rasa – divine pleasure.

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