Krsna on Religion

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When Krsna was just a young boy, he saw his dad doing something interesting with the other vrajabasi men. “Papa, what are you doing?”

“We are getting ready to worship the rain god, Indra.”

“Why, papa, why?”

“Because we are farmers, we need rain to be prosperous and wealthy.”

“So, papa, if we don’t worship Indra, it wont rain and we wont be wealthy?”

“Thats right, little Krsna.”

“But dad, doesn’t it rain on the ocean?”

“Yes, son.”

“Does anyone live on the ocean? Did they worship Indra to get rain?”

Nanda-baba fell silent and all the other men gathered around Krsna, astonished, to hear more.

“It rains in uninhabited places too, sometimes quite a lot. So it seems really silly to think that we have to worship a god to get it to rain! Actually what happens is that everyone in this world gets exactly what they deserve as a result of the previous good and bad things they have done throughout the countless lifetimes of their existence. If it is our karma to be wealthy, we will get lots of rain and our crops will be bountiful and our animals happy and healthy. Even if we don’t worship Indra this will still happen! And if it is our karma to be poverty stricken, we will get drought and famine no matter how many times or in how many ways we worship Indra. That is just how the world works, dad.”

The adults were completely astonished. And this little philosopher boy was so divinely cute no one could even offer a counter argument. But one of them asked, “Krsna, how are you so smart when you are barely six years old? You must not be any ordinary human being! You be our guide and guru. Tell us, what should we do for religion?”

Krsna smiled and said, “Put all your efforts into getting love of Godhead. Everything else material will come and go of its own accord. Only love of Godhead will make you truly happy anyway. Be practical and take good care of the those who love God, and whom God loves. This alone will bring you true prosperity.”

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