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A carpenters' ruler with centimetre divisions
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A boy found a ruler in a drawer. He said, “Now I will measure things.” He found the ruler was wonderful, he could measure so many things! When he grew up he made fancier and fancier “rulers” to measure so many other things in so many ways. It was wonderful.

In his adulthood he began to “prove” that the entire universe was completely measurable. He showed that measurements could define and describe anything – and that anything which could not be measured by his rulers… well, it simply was myth, poppycock, banana hairs, rubbish, hocus pocus.

He really loved his ruler, thats for sure, but an awful lot of things that are at least as real as his ruler suddenly became disgraced.

At some point he will realize he is just infatuated with a ruler, and THAT is why everything seems like it should be bluntly measurable.

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