The Divine Eros of a Certain Flute

Sriman Rasarasarambhi
Vamshi vata tata sthita
Karshan venu svanari gopih
gopinatha sriye stu nah

When Gopinath-Krsna blew his flute to call hisgopis to the rasa-lila, the sound of that flute drifed upwards to the higher planets. When the wives of the demigods heard this sound they began subconsciously losening their clothes to disrobe!!! They said out loud, “He Krishna! Come here now and let us give you our bodies and hearts to please you!”

What of the devas, their husbands?!? When they heard this sound of Krsna’s flute, they said, “Yes, our wives are right! Even though we are not even women, when we hear the sound of this flute we want to please Krsna with every ounce of our being, every molecule, even in our bodies. We wish these male bodies could die right now and we could instead be women so that we could offer ourselves fully and wholly to Krsna.”

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