Who is Krishna?

Only the fifth chapter of this text still exists, but it is a wonder that anything exists at all. For this is a record of the words of the creator of this universe, Lord Brahma, spoken just after he gained enlightenment and just prior to creating our worlds. Here are my renditions of 18 verses of Brahma’s song he sang to Govinda / Krishna.

He tends cows whose milk fulfills all desires

In a forest whose trees fulfill all desires

In a land whose stones fulfill all desires.

He is himself tended carefully

by hundreds of thousands

of Goddesses of Fortune.

Millions of Cupids are enchanted by his beautiful figure

the color of heavy monsoon clouds

decorated with a peacock feather on his head

his eyes in bloom like the petals of a lotus

as he plays his flute

His romantically dark body

gracefully bending at the hip, knees and neck

is eternal and real.

His clothes and ornaments swing as he enjoys games of love

strands of flowers swinging from his neck

along with a Moon shaped locket

and always his beautiful flute.

His dark body is full of bright splendor

because it is full of the reality, awareness, and bliss

from which all the universes manifest and exist

under his supervision

Each sense of his body can perform the action of any sense.

Though he is the most ancient of all beings

He is forever a freshly bloomed youth.

He is unlimited in time and space.

The beginning without beginning.

He is without equal

and will never decay.

Philosophy and religion cannot approach him

Yet he approaches you

Who has heartfelt love for him.

The minds of the greatest philosophers

race towards him fast as the wind

for thousands of millions of years

Still they do not reach even the tip of his toe!

For he is infinitely beyond the power of thought

He is one specific person,

yet he is within each and every subatomic particle

in the  millions of universes

that he created by his energy

He is the one the ancient Vedic hymns praise.

Human beings who have awakened love for him

sing to him

Thus they attain their own limitless spiritual beauty,

glory, position, powers, and ornaments.

The soul of all souls, his home is the divine forest of Goloka Vrindaban

where he exists in his natural form

with beings who emanate from him.

Together at every second

they enjoy relishing the flavors of love

recipies of pure bliss and full awareness

The eyes of those eternal beings

are moistened with drops of pure loving devotion

So from their hearts they always see him

Syamasundar – the dark one

The attributes and qualities of his beauty

otherwise beyond perception

Rama and the others are his extensions

into various incarnations

to perform tasks in this world

But Krishna personally is the direct manifestation

of the supreme being

Millions and millions of opulences

in the wonders of all the planets of this universe

Result from a prismatic differentiation

of the unlimited

absolutely unified

light of spirit.

That light of spirit

results from the effulgence of him

beyond whom there is nothing more powerful.

Hundreds of universes spring forth

with triplicate qualities

as described in the sacred Veda.

This all diffuses from the outer border of his potency and power.

He  is

the support of everything that exists

the ultimate entity

the pure substance of everything

He is the essence of all-aware, blissful enjoyment

Those who reflect upon and carefully recollect his blissful pastimes

forever conquer

the mundane world

Our universes, domains of Durga

Beyond them, the world of Shiva

Beyond that, the world of Hari

Beyond them all, his own abode, Goloka.

He is the source of the wondrous opulences

Discovered in each.

Our universe

is made, kept, and ended

as the practice of just one potency of his,

the goddess Durga.

She conducts herself

in accordance to his will.

Yogurt is milk

transformed due to contacting bacteria

Shiva is Govinda

transformed due to contacting this world

to act on his behalf.

When a candle lights another candle

The flames are equally hot and bright

So all Govinda’s expansions are equally powerful as he.

Govinda, the original person, I adore.

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