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The beautiful form of Godhead is superior to the formlessness of Godhead, and not the other way around. Contemplate the lila of Yashoda Mayi binding young “Damodara” Krishna. No amount of rope could stretch around his tummy, though she could clearly see with her eyes the its apparently finite circumference.

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  1. lord vishnu as the sustainer amongst the trinity,is so wondeful for worship with a,i feel,the trinity ,live within us and everywhere,it’s only we have to realise it,that we are never seperate from each other.maybe the tattva of achintya bheda-abhedam,dwaitha,vishistha advaitha,advaitha….are paths for realising ekam sath vipra bahu vadanthi.


    1. they are within me, but if they are ONLY within me, they are smaller than me and limited. They are within everyone, but if they are only within everyone the are also only as great as everyone. Therefore they are both within me and outside of me. This is what Damodara Iila represents too. Earlier, Yashoda Mayi looked into Krishna’s mouth, and saw therein the entire universe including herself.


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