Some people think that they don’t “do meditation.” Or even that they “can’t” do meditation. Truth is, everyone meditates all the time.

The question is… on what?

Some people / some times (usually men, usually all the time) meditate upon the bodily form of other people (usually females). They do this with full concentration, even devoting their reading and study to photographs and magazines dedicated to the subject of their meditation.

Others (usually females) meditate upon their own bodily form, with utmost contemplation. They constantly seek effects and techniques to improve the subject of their meditation, again devoting their studies to discussion and magazines on the object upon which they meditate.


It’s beautifully simple, really. We meditate on that which brings us pleasure. Or, that which we think brings us pleasure. Or, to put it yet another way: we naturally, spontaneously and fully concentrate on that which brings us what we think is pleasure.

Anyway you slice it, it revolves around pleasure.


Because we are eternal particles of pleasure.

At least, that is the opinion of those who really perfected meditation: the sages and seers of the ancient East. In their writings, they tell us: अानन्दमोयाभ्यासात – life is composed of pleasure, and therefore inherently and eternally seeks pleasure.

We focus, concentrate, meditate upon that goal of life – naturally.

Some meditate on their bank balance and personal treasures – because they conceive of wealth as the thing which brings them what they comprehend as pleasure. Others meditate constantly on a loved one, for the same reason: because in their mind, that loved one is the source of their true happiness. Still others may meditate on theories, sciences, ideas and philosophies. But the reason the same.

The man engrossed in pornography is driven by the very same force which drives a different man to be engrossed in philosophy. We simply want to be happy.

The only question is: How evolved is your concept of happiness?

Some very evolved souls go beyond even philosophy. They take to the types of “meditation” that you were thinking about when you saw the title of this article. They sit carefully and shut their eyes and think about something divine.


Because they have evolved to a level at which they are starting to think that divinity is the true source of pleasure!

Those who evolve still further know that pleasure has a personal basis. It is experienced most strongly not in solitary confinement, but in the sharing and exchange between individuals. Such persons can begin to meditate upon personal forms of divinity (“Godhead”), with whom their meditation can ultimately place them into a tangible, but occult relationship.

The pinnacle of evolution comes to mirror every aspect of what came before it – all the way down to the erotic origins of the drive to experience pleasure. Such persons realize fall in love with an erotic personal form of Godhead. They meditate upon their relationship with this form, and the name of this divine being spontaneously escapes their lips in a constant, semi-conscious, stream of ecstasy.

“Krishna… Govinda… Hari… Murari…”

If you are “practicing meditation” – what you are really doing is trying to force-evolve your understanding of pleasure to the match the level of that on which you are concentrating.

For example you may take a strand of sacred beads and sit beneath a tree and chant the names of Krishna in a mantra form. What are you doing??? You are not in a “stream of ecstasy”! It is not a spontaneous meditation – it is a forced meditation. What you are doing is forcing yourself to consider that the ecstatic, divine eros manifest as the sublime Sri Krishna is in fact your true source of… pleasure.

Why are you having a hard time?

Because your real self doesn’t believe it yet. Your real self still thinks, philosophy, or respect, or wealth, or emotional security, or beauty, or sex is your true, real source of pleasure.

Keep trying. And don’t break your neck while doing so. This is not easy work.

– Vic DiCara

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