Time – a lot or a little?

Time is time. There is no such thing as “having a lot of time,” nor is there any reality to “having only a little.”

There is no such thing as “a long time ago”  or a “short time ago” – there is just the past. Nor is there something far in the future or coming soon – they are all just in the future.

You don’t fully believe me. But if you take the time you will realize it.

Time allows you to gaze up at it, and apply measurements of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years and aeons. But time never permits you  to stand above it with such rules and divisions. Time is not subject to the laws of our measurements.

This is why a few days ago can seem like a lifetime, while something which happened just yesterday can be forgotten as if it occurred 12 lifetimes ago. And this is why something come quickly, and others not.

And this is why it is not important if I die today or tomorrow.

What is important is what I am doing right now.

Because now is really all we have.


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