The Difference Between Dreaming and Waking

It’s not what I thought it was… it’s not that you can do anything you want in your dreams, but you are limited in the waking world. Nope. I realized that I can’t do anything I want in my dreams. They also have very solid limitations. I can do different things in my dreams. I can do things in my dreams that I can’t or don’t do when I am awake, yes. But that is not the same as being able to do anything, whatever I want.

People talk about lucid dreaming. I admit I have no experience there. But I would wager a body part or two that I would find the same walls of limitations, only pushed farther back.

I did discover exactly what the difference between the dream world and the real world is, though. It is this: The real world is (comparatively, at least) highly objective and fixed. If you put a brick in your kitchen and leave the kitchen, when you come back it will still be a brick, not a flower or a mound of dirt. If you leave your house and it is brown on the outside, when you come home it’s not going to have a different shape and be polka dotted or whatever. But in the dream world this does happen, and is the norm!

In dreams things never stay the same. Well to be honest, in the waking world things never stay the same either. But the rate of fluctuation is extremely multiplied in the dream world. Things are in constant flux. I walked over a foothill last night, but when I returned it was a cliff.

Why is this? Because when we are awake, the astrological power of the Sun is more dominant in our consciousness. The sun has a harsh and exact light which reveals objects very clearly. When we are asleep we enter the Moon’s domain of the conscious universe. This world is lit by stars and cool white moonlight, which suggests shapes and makes them magical, allowing them to be more controlled and shaped by our imaginations.


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